Louise Pigott

Vedic Astrologer, 

Spiritual Intuitive & Artist

I have been a diligent student of Jyotish, also known as Vedic Astrology, for the past 6 years. I initially started studying Western astrology before I quickly shifted to Vedic astrology, which is so wonderfully rich in details and uses the unique lunar zodiac of the nakshatras.


As a student of Michael Conneely, Eve Mendoza, Achala Mihajlovic and Vic DiCara, I have completed courses on the planets, basic and advanced techniques, nakshatras and the Taittiriya Brahmana "Nakshatra Sutra". I have received one-on-one tuition with Dr Santhip Kanholy, part of the Pai Team. I am continually adding to my studies, currently putting special focus into medical astrology.

Jyotish translates as “the science of light”. Just as a lit candle illuminates a dark room, so does the light of Jyotish dispel darkness and vanquish ignorance. In the West we are too often misguided into thinking astrology is limited to the Sun-sign horoscopes we see printed in magazines, but in truth it is a very in-depth metaphysical science looking at all of the planets and the horizon at the time of your birth, the signs and houses they occupy and the relationship these planets and the stars have to each other. Through the study of these celestial bodies and their movement, the ancient sages of India understood their significance in connection to human life, our destiny, potential and life purpose, and this knowledge has been passed down for many thousands of years. My aim is to translate this wisdom to you to the best of my abilities for your continued growth, personal development and higher understanding in this journey we call life. 

I offer readings in the form of written reports for those who are seeking astrological guidance with an ultimate focus on your soul’s purpose and lessons in this lifetime. I can look at a range of subjects and address questions using a combination of Jyotish techniques,  from those often-asked regarding career and relationships, to deeper topics relating to your spiritual growth plus any areas you feel stuck with and in need of a little illumination. 

Based in the U.K., I spend my time between Jyotish and working as an illustrator, along with the study of nutrition, naturopathy, various esoteric subjects and energy medicine.  

Vedic astrology can provide unique
insights into many areas including

Your Relationships

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires

Understanding Your Karma and Past Lives

Career Options

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development

A Higher Perspective on

What's Holding You Back in Your Life 

Vedic astrology readings are able to offer you in-depth answers due to the remarkable and detailed Nakshatra system of 27 divisions of the zodiac. To see how I can help you get to know your true self through the blessing of Jyotish, visit my services page.

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